Our Fleet

Eagle Eye Aviation uses only Cessna 210’s, which are a 6 seat, single engine, high wing and high performance aircraft.

Some interesting facts about the Cessna 210

  • Engine Manufacturer: Teledyne Continental
  • Engine Type: Normally-Aspirated, Direct-Drive, Air-Cooled, Horizontally Apposed, Fuel Injected, six cylinder engine with 520 cu. In. displacement.
  • Horsepower Rating: Maximum of 300 brake horse power
  • Fuel: 100LL Grade Aviation Fuel (AVGAS)

  • 0068
  • 0552
  • DSC 0094
  • DSC 0132
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  • IMG000002
  • IMG000003

Keeping the fleet in pristine condition is a matter of discipline. Eagle Eye Aviation operates strictly under the Law and Regulations of The Namibian Civil Aviation Authority which requires the aircraft to be serviced every 50 hours and 100 hours to keep operation as safe and reliable as it could possibly be.